Ice Yarns

ICE Yarns is one of the biggest brands online having more than 5.000 types of yarn in 400 categories. Their yarns are produced for GSC by the leading fancy yarn manufacturers in Turkey. They also import the highest quality yarns from abroad to give the best selections to you. Their products are human and environment friendly and comply with international human health standards. In addition to ICE Yarns, they also have a line of luxury yarns under their brand, KUKA Yarns.

Ice Yarns<P>Dimple 50g
Ice Yarns

Dimple 50g

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Ice Yarns<P>Festival Eyelash Chunky 50g
Ice Yarns

Festival Eyelash Chunky 50g

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Ice Yarns<P>Fluffy Wool 50g
Ice Yarns

Fluffy Wool 50g

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