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Aran<P>With Wool 400g

Aran With Wool 400g

Brand Name:WoolcraftYarn Name:Aran With WoolProduct Code:WAWWYarn Weight:Aran With WoolYarn Blend:75% Premium Acrylic, 25% New WoolBall Weight:400gBal...
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Hayfield<P>Baby Blossom DK 100g

Baby Blossom DK 100g

Brand Name:HayfieldYarn Name:Baby Blossom DKProduct Code:F253Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:70% Acrylic, 30% NylonBall Weight:100gBall Len...
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Hayfield<P>Baby Bonus Spots DK 100g

Baby Bonus Spots DK 100g

Brand Name:HayfieldYarn Name:Baby Bonus Spots DKProduct Code:F128Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:100% AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:28...
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Rico<P>Baby Dream DK 50g

Baby Dream DK 50g

Brand Name:RicoYarn Name:Baby Dream DKProduct Code:383194Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:50% Acrylic, 50% PolyamideBall Weight:50gBall Leng...
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Baby Pure DK 100g

Brand Name:king ColeYarn Name:Baby Pure DKProduct Code:205Yarn Weight:Double Knit (DK)Yarn Blend:70% Premium Acrylic, 30% PolyamideBall Weight:100gBal...
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King Cole<P>Baby Safe DK 100g

Baby Safe DK 100g

Brand Name:King ColeYarn Name:Baby Safe DKProduct Code:213Yarn Weight:Double Knit (DK)Yarn Blend:100% Everfresh AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:260...
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King Cole<P>Baby Splash DK 100g

Baby Splash DK 100g

Brand Name:King ColeYarn Name:Baby Splash DKProduct Code:79Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:100% Premium AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:...
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King Cole<P>Baby Stripe DK 100g

Baby Stripe DK 100g

Brand Name:King ColeYarn Name:Baby Stripe DKProduct Code:201Yarn Weight:Double Knit (DK)Yarn Blend:100% AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:290m / 317y...
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Stylecraft<P>Bambino Prints DK 100g

Bambino Prints DK 100g

Brand Name:StylecraftYarn Name:Bambino Prints DKProduct Code:1239Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:100% AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:26...
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Stylecraft<P>Batik DK 50g

Batik DK 50g

Brand Name:StylecraftYarn Name:Batik DKProduct Code:265Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:80% Premium Acrylic, 20% WoolBall Weight:50gBall Len...
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Stylecraft<P>Batik Swirl DK 200g

Batik Swirl DK 200g

Brand Name:StylecraftYarn Name:Batik Swirl DKProduct Code:276Yarn Weight:Double Knitting (DK)Yarn Blend:80% Premium Acrylic, 20% WoolBall Weight:200gB...
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Grundl<P>Big Mamma Uni 400g

Big Mamma Uni 400g

Brand Name:GrundlYarn Name:Big Mamma Uni Product Code:2611Yarn Weight:AranYarn Blend:100% AcrylicBall Weight:400gBall Length:1040m / 1137ydsTension:20...
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King Cole<P>Big Value Baby 4ply

Big Value Baby 4 Ply 100g

Brand Name:King ColeYarn Name:Big Value Baby 4 PlyProduct Code:14Yarn Weight:4 PlyYarn Blend:100% Premium AcrylicBall Weight:100gBall Length:400m / 43...
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